Caesar’s Creek Pioneer Village

The Pioneer Village is a completely volunteer run location. We all work full time jobs and in our extra time we take care of and maintain the Village along with running the events. Our passion for preserving history is what keeps us going and donations and the money we raise from events is what helps us keep the Village preserved for many generations to come.

The Pioneer Village buildings are only open during our events. At all other times, the buildings are closed and locked and are not to be entered into. We do this so we can help preserve the buildings in the historical state they are in and to prevent any damage to them.

The Pioneer Village is open for people to walk through and enjoy the outside of the buildings any time between dawn and dusk. We are not affiliated with the Caesar Creek State Park so we do have a few rules for the property which differ from the rules of the park and we do request that everyone respect these rules. We are a privately funded and run organization as we do lease the ground from the park so we can preserve this piece of history which almost disappeared with the construction of the lake.

About us

The Pioneer Village is a collection of buildings mostly from the Caesar Creek State Park area. During construction of the lake in the late 1970’s they discovered a Log Cabin was one of the buildings on the lands they procured in the process of buying the land. Inquiries were put out to the local community to see if a group would be interested in maintaining the building as a living history attraction for the area. From this small beginning, the Caesar’s Creek Pioneer Village was born. Over the years other buildings from the area were moved to the land which the Pioneer Village now resides with our last building coming to the property in the late 1980’s.


Interested in the Pioneer Village

If you are interested in how you can be a part of the Pioneer Village or have a question for us, please use the Contact Us button and we will get back to you as soon as possible.