Due to increased damage and disrespect to the Village from paid photographers, until further notice, any paid photo session or group photography/photo sessions at the Pioneer Village will not be permitted without explicit written permission from the Pioneer Village Management.

There has been an ongoing issue with photographers using the Pioneer Village as their own personal photography studio and scheduling group sessions and private photo shoots without the Pioneer Village having knowledge of such events. While the Pioneer Village is at the State Park, we are on land which we lease from the state and thus it is our land to manage. Many of these photographers and groups who come to the Village have been found to be damaging, moving and climbing various areas of the Pioneer Village and thus creating even more work for our staff and costly repairs for which we have to pay for while the photographers benefit off of our hard work to maintain the Village. There have also been numerous complaints from other patrons of the Pioneer Village as to Photographers being rude towards them and with an overall attitude that the Pioneer Village is theirs to do with as they please.

Due to this type of behavior and the expense of time and money which it has cost us, we are not permitting any type of photo sessions or group photography sessions at the Pioneer Village without obtaining explicit written permission from the Pioneer Village.

Along with this is a reminder that the Pioneer Village is only open from dawn to dusk and no one is permitted in the Pioneer Village after dusk unless they are Pioneer Village staff or accompanied by Pioneer Village staff.

Hopefully everyone is understanding of us needing to take this action and if you have any questions, please contact the Pioneer Village through our email address or through the form on this page. For those photographers who are permitted to do photography at the Pioneer Village, we do request that you do not move any materials at the Village from their location and you also do not try to get into any buildings. Along with this no climbing, sitting, etc… on the fences around the Village and please respect all signage and if an area is restricted, do not enter.