Formation of Caesar’s Creek Pioneer Village
April 1973
Incorporated as a non-profit organization
July 16, 1973
First Election of Board of Trustees
August 14, 1973
Smoke House moved to the Village
April 27, 1974
Five additional acres are leased to add to the Village
January 1975
Dismantling of Furnas House commences
January 1975
Relocation of the Friends Meeting House begins
November 1975
Friends Meeting House set in its current location
May 1976
Sewer lines placed across the village
January 1979
Passing of Larry Riddle – one of the founding members of the Village
May 1979
First Annual Music Festival
June 1979
First year tapping trees for Maple Syrup
March 1980
Fence around the Common green area completed
June 1980
Herb Shed built
June 1980
Githens House added to the Village
September 1981
Meeting House shed added to the Village
September 1981
Passing of DeWitt Plecker – Original Charter Member of the Village
January 1982
Addition of the land which the Bullskin Inn stands on
February 1982
Passing of Eleanor Plecker – Original Charter Member of the Village
April 1982
Meeting House sign installed in front of the Meeting House
June 1982
Collett Cabin donated to the Village
June 1982
Pioneer Village sign erected on Oregonia Road
July 1982
Maintenance Shed built
August 1982
Outdoor bake oven construction completed
September 1982
Village received the organ and upright piano for the Meeting House
March 1983
10th Anniversary of the Village
May 1983
Collett House starts to go up
July 1983
Passing of Bob Head – Village Member
December 1983
Samantha the Sheep moves into the Village
July 1984
Heighway Cabin moved to the Village
August 1984
Passing of Eleanor Hatton – Charter Member of the Village
November 1984
Wright House moved to the Village (back half of the General Store)
December 1984
Blacksmith Shop completed
December 1984
Harkrader Barn given to the Village
July 1985
First ewe (April) born at the Village (born to Samantha)
April 1986
Passing of Will Smith – Charter Member of the Village
November 1986
Maybell the sheep is born
March 1987
Passing of Eli Lukens – Charter Member of the Village
September 1987
Village gets scales for weighing Tractors
November 1987
Passing of Phyllis Hollingsworth – Benefactor of the Meeting House
April 1988
Blacksmith Shop gets Hearth
April 1988
15th Anniversary of the Village
April 1988
Geese added to the Village (Spot and Little Bit)
May 1988
Blacksmith Shop gets Chimney
June 1988
Addition to General Store completed
July 1988
Passing of Homer Marsh – Charter Member of the Village
June 1989
Zoar Building started
September 1989
Building of the Restrooms Complete
October 1990
Passing of Village Member Katherine Smart
July 1997
Passing of Max Bailey
December 1997
Passing of Ben F. King – Charter Member of the Village
April 1998
First Annual Celtic Festival
September 1998
Annual Paranormal Investigation event begins
October 2016
Passing of Randy Conover – School Master for many years
May 2018
Passing of Linda Lee – One of the original members
January 2020
Passing of Howard Doster – Original Member
February 2020