The Pioneer Village is a collection of early 1800’s cabins which are all original to the Caesar’s Creek Lake area. On the property we have two original buildings which are the Luken’s Cabin which is located at the front of the property and the Luken’s Barn which is the Big Red Barn located in front of the Kitchen. All of the other buildings have come from around the area as the Caesar Creek Lake and Park were being created.

The Village is completed self funded with our money all coming from the events which we have and donations from our visitors and the surrounding communities. The members of the Village also contribute much of their own money to the preservation of the Village and the changes which you see around the village.

Without these generous donations and admissions charges to our events, the Village would struggle to survive as we receive no funding at all at the State or Federal Level. We greatly appreciate everyone who supports the Village and wants to help us preserve it for many generations to come.

Black and white of the back of Hawkins Cabin at the Pioneer Village
Black and White Flag at the Pioneer Village
Hand drawn map of the Pioneer Village