Tollhouse Cabin

Originally Constructed:

Relocated to Village: 1981

This 17 by 21 foot structure was moved to the Village and reconstructed in 1981. It was purchased from the William Fritts family on State Route 73 near Waynesville.

This gate house for the Village was historically a Toll House for the Waynesville-Wilmington Pike at the Massie-Wayne township line. Later it was moved across Route 73 and used after about 1900 as a farm granary.

At one time we used this as our main entrance to the Pioneer Village and it was our “ticket booth” before we moved that to the current location across from the restroom building.

This building has suffered some structural issues with the sill logs and this is the reason it is currently partially covered. The building has been structurally secured but we need to raise the money to be able to rebuild part of it which is a rather expensive undertaking. We are currently setting aside some money from all events in order to try to restore this building but since we have a lot of old buildings, we have a lot of work that needs to be done on an annual basis to keep them all in good shape. We hope those within a few years to be able to find the money to be able to restore this building and to once again allow people to be able to enter it.