Sugar Shack

Originally Constructed: N/A

Relocated to Village: Original

The Sugar Shack originated as a pole structure surrounded with no walls. When they would cook Maple Syrup, they would surround the walls with plastic wrap to help with the possible harsh weather conditions.

Over the years, we built more of a structure by adding walls to the building which extremely helped our Sugar Masters during sugaring season in late January and February. We continued the evolution of the building to what you see now. While it is still not perfect and our Sugar Masters can struggle a bit during the extreme cold that can happen, it is much better than when we started off with plastic sheet for walls.

This building is where we bring all of our collected Sap during sugaring season at the beginning of every year. We have a furnace or fire pit with pans which we use for all of our Maple Syrup production. Our Sugar Masters will spend between 20-30 hours to cook off a complete batch of sap in order to make the amazing syrup which we use during our Maple Syrup Brunch and we sell then and other select times through the year.

This structure was also used for Sorghum making many years ago but we have not done that for a while. We currently do not have anyone or any good location at the Pioneer Village to plant Sorghum and then harvest it.

During Maple Season when we cook on weekends, we will have the windows of the Sugar Shack open for people to be able to view the process. Our Sugar Masters will also be on hand to answer any and all questions which people may have. The typical Sugaring Season in Ohio will occur in the last few weeks of January when we will tap trees and continue until temperatures remain warm at which time the sap in the trees will turn and we won’t be able to use it for making Maple Syrup. Because of this being totally dependent on Mother Nature, it is a process which we cannot predict but instead need to be ready any time in the first month of the year to run out and tap trees and then start collecting.