Paranormal Investigations

Date: Various – Watch Facebook for specific dates

All of our buildings at the Pioneer Village are around 200 years or older. With these buildings being so old and having been at the Pioneer Village for close to 50 years, we have the perfect recipe for many spirits to be around.

Our investigations have found plenty of interesting things at the Village (we don’t want to exactly call it evidence as while we do believe in our spirits, we are also skeptics enough to not assume every little noise is a spirit). Before each investigation we do at the Village with the public, we play some of the fun things we have found at the Pioneer Village including many evps.

If you have ever wanted to be a part of a real paranormal investigation, this is a great opportunity to do it. We have plenty of equipment which we use during these investigations but we also encourage people to bring their own. For each one of these investigations we pick out different buildings from the Village (we do not go into all of them during an investigation as we do have a lot of buildings).

We believe many of the people associated with the Village and these buildings still remain at the Pioneer Village and are very eager to interact with our guests during these evenings as we have had a lot of interaction with them during these nights. This is one of those rare times which you can be in the Pioneer Village at night as we typically are closed to non-members at Dusk.

*all proceeds from the Pioneer Village events go to sustaining and maintaining the Pioneer Village and its buildings