Meeting House

Originally Constructed: 1849

Relocated to Village: 1974

The Friends Meeting House was built in 1849. It was preceded by two log buildings the first of which was built in 1805. The building and a cemetery were located close to Caesar’s Creek on the New Burlington road. The cemetery was surrounded by a very fine dry wall stone fence. This cemetery still exists in its original location.

The remaining members of the meeting house wished to have the building preserved so they gave permission for the CCPV (Caesars Creek Pioneer Village) to move it to the Village site. Professional movers were hired and the building was moved intact to the Village. It has now been restored and is being used for a variety of meetings.

While many people love to refer to this building as the “Church” at the Pioneer Village, it was truly a meeting house. Religious services could be held in the building but also any sort of meetings where held there and it was not seen as just for religious services.

This building is often open for people to walk through during our events and it is a high priority for us this year to make improvements to the building so it will remain a valuable part of the Pioneer Village for many years to come.