Lacy Springhouse

Originally Constructed: 1996

Relocated to Village: Original

The Lacy Springhouse is an original building to the Pioneer Village. This is not a building which was moved to the Village but instead one that a member built. The Springhouse is a representation of what a Springhouse would have looked like when built during the Pioneer Days and something that many people who live in cabins in more remote areas still use today.

Our Springhouse is going to be going through some renovations over the next couple of years to make it more representative of how an actual spring house would have been a useful item to Pioneers. We are going to be improving the inside of it to make it more period authentic and showing people what an actual springhouse would have been like so we can start having it open during our events.

A springhouse to pioneers would have been our modern day equivalent of a refrigerator. They would have built a building like this over a natural spring to use the cooling properties of the water coming out of the ground to keep their foods at a constant temperature. In essence, they created a cave in which to store their perishable foods so that they could be kept at a cool temperature year round.

A different take on the springhouse is an icehouse (which we currently do not have but one day may build). This was built to maintain things at a cooler temperature. During winter, ice blocks would have been cut from a nearby lake or river and stored within the building to create the cool atmosphere.