Bullskin Inn

Originally Constructed: N/A

Relocated to Village: 1990

The Bullskin Inn never existed in this form outside of being part of the Pioneer Village. The building itself is a combination of two buildings which were donated to us from the Cleveland area. We took the salvaged logs from those two buildings and created the Bullskin Inn at the Pioneer Village.

The Bullskin Inn is named for the old animal and Indian trail from the Ohio River to Detroit. The trail was located just east of Harveysburg and roughly followed present day Route 380 north to Xenia and Oldtown and on to Detroit. It went south to Clarksville and on to the Bullskin Creek, crossed the Ohio River and on to the salt licks on the Licking River in Kentucky.

The trail was started by buffalo and other wildlife going to the salt licks. The Native Americans also used the trail in their travels north and south. Both Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone are thought to have used the trail in their travels and in their escape from the Shawnee Indians at Old Chillicothe, Old Town.

During the war of 1812 wagon trains of supplies going to Admiral Perry on Lake Erie traveled the trace which had now become a road. Since the Pioneer Village is so close to this trial it seems fitting to help retain the history of the Bullskin trail that the Inn at the Village should be call “The Bullskin Inn”.